Wasn’t Afghanistan a Quagmire Too?

by Ryan on January 18, 2006

in Politics

ABC News (if you can call it that) is reporting that the Pravda professed dinner where 17 civilians were killed in a bombing raid in Pakistan may have hit a major al Qaeda bombmaker. Kudos to our predator drones for a great job of killing bad people (and apparently those with whom they dine).

I also saw a clip on the BBC tonight spelling doom and gloom for the NATO and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Why? Because thousands of US troops will be leaving one of the four occupation sectors in Afghanistan based on our agreements with NATO and the situation on the ground. So it’s bad if we stay AND it’s bad if we go, especially since it’s the Dutch that are supposed to replace us in this resurgent Taliban hotbed! The USA’s hard-handed approach to terrorists in Afghanistan is something that the Dutch think may be unsustainable if America leaves that area. Well, I don’t disagree with that assessment, but in this quiet front in this War on Terror, the situation on the ground lends itself to American troop redeployment, OUT of that area.
Not bad.

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