Kellogg and Nickelodeon Sued for Bad Parenting

by Mike on January 19, 2006

in Culture,Politics

Sub-par parents are suing children’s network Nickelodeon and Kellogg because for their own decisions to raise their children improperly. Of course, that’s not how the bad parents would describe it. Here’s how bad parent Sherri Carlson described why her children do not eat properly: “But then they turn on Nickelodeon and see all those enticing junk-food ads. . . Adding insult to injury, we enter the grocery store and see our beloved Nick characters plastered on all those junky snacks and cereals.” No mention of her inability to say “no” to the kid who wants stuff his face with Ho Hos. The problem is with the people who market junk food.

Despite the cultural backlash of recent years, some holdovers from the culture of irresponsibility remain. Every self-induced problem to these people is somebody else’s fault. Not only that, they feel entitled to other people’s money as a result of their personal irresponsibility. That attitude is so 1990s. My question is, how many judges out there are prepared to fall for this garbage? Perhaps it is time for some good old fashioned limited government conservatism to cure these people of their dependance on other people to solve their own problems. At the very least, regular Americans shouldn’t be forced to pay for whatever medical procedures are in store for these children. Maybe then the bad parents would sue for some extra pain and suffering. I’m sure some judge in Massachusetts would listen.

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