Rove’s Back!

by Ryan on January 21, 2006

in Politics

FINALLY, the administration is going to maintain the offense, or so it seems from this article. Apparently, Rove wants to make the War on Terror the central issue in the 2006 campaign. Why not? Republicans have been winning on national security since 1946, and that does not look like it’s going to change soon. Even the mundane Scott McClellan has told the Dems to bring it on when it comes to the National Security issue. We’re winning in the polls on that issue.

Let the Dems talk about Iraq, Iran, nuclear proliferation, al qaeda. And let Nancy Pelosi be the face of that struggle against America’s national security interest around the world. Should I be this comfortable in January? Give me a reason to worry.

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Iwanski January 21, 2006 at 4:53 pm

In my opinion, the Bush adminsitration has been atrociously incompetent, and the Congress is a mess of corruption and scandal.

But the Democrats still have been unable to articulate anything better. They seem like political novices.

Republicans will probably win in 2006 because the Democrats seem to want to lose.

When the GOP wins, it’s not lesser of two evils, it’s the less stupid of two stupids.


Mike January 22, 2006 at 12:14 am

The Bush administration has overthrown two tyranical regimes in the most chaotic region in the world. Both harbored terrorists (Salman Pak in Iraq, Afghanistan was terror camp central). Not only were these regimes overthrown, but it was done in the face of political opposition that has been border line treason. FOr crying out loud, Bin Laden is paraphrasing the DNC.

The economy is booming. Teh majority of Al Qaeda has been killed or captured and the remainder are too busy sneaking from cave to cave to plan effective terror attacks. Aghanistan and Iraq held free elections for the first time ever. Two Supreme Court nominees have been nominated who will interpret the constitution rather than rewrite it to shove a liberal agenda down the throats of the American people against their will. International terrorism is now viewed as an act of war rather than a crime subject to due process rights.

President Bush is not perfect, but which leader is? His accomplishments speak for themselves. The Bush administration should be complimented for its conviction and confidence during these important times.

Your right about one thing though, the Democrats have articulated nothing. From a political perspective, it’s a smart strategy. They can’t let people know what they actually believe


Chris January 22, 2006 at 12:33 am

Let me address a few points here…first, happy day after the 5th Anniversary to my president and let me say THANK GOD he is the president…our country is much better off with his presence.

To address iwanski’s comments of “atrociously incompetent,” I respectfully disagree. Bush has cut taxes which has improved a sagging economy (Reagan did the same thing in the 80s and as a result, the ‘Bulls’ were charging and the ‘Bears’ were sent into hibernation) and has protected us against terrorism and all those who want to destroy America. It is sad that 9-11 had to wake us up, but he hit the point home that acts of terrorism should not be treated as criminal acts, but instead, acts of war…I’d rather have the American military hunt these killers down than having them, on my tax dollars, spend their days staring at the Rockies from their cell window at ASX in Florence . In following the Clinton/Gore/Kerry model in not taking the war to the terrorists, we give them the opportunity to plan an attack..why the heck would we even want to give them the chance?

Bush has been hitting the Dem pitches thrown at him out of the park for one reason: He has ‘Gone Public.’ He’s taking his case directly to the people and is allowing Americans to look at his plans and the Democrats plans side by side…what Bush has been doing the past 5 years IS PROTECTING AMERICA and we as Americans are realizing that.

Agreeing with Mike (who has posted as I’m typing), no leader is perfect and further, no leadership is perfect, as in Congress. But to blame the Republcans you cannot discount the indistrections of the Democrats . While I am very confident about the 2006 upcoming election performance, Republicans need to make sure they control spending and if need be, Bush needs to remind them the same way Nixon did.

To repeat, I thank GOD Bush is in the White House and to quote my friend Frank, “The Best is Yet to Come!”


Chris January 22, 2006 at 12:34 am

Slight correction…ADX, not ASX.


Ryan January 22, 2006 at 4:40 pm

On Chris’ link on the Democrats:
It’s funny, but I was flipping through the Sunday talk this morning and Russert had Begala and Carville facing off against Mary Matalin (sp?). Of course, two on one is about right for intellectual capacity so that’s not what bugged me– I don’t believe Russert and NBC even try for balance. What got me laughing was that Begala said unequivically that Abrahoff was SOLELY a Republican scandal. Good luck with that one forehead!


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