Bob Casey Takes a Stand

by Mike on January 24, 2006

in Politics

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner has the latest give and take between Senator Rick Santorum and Democrat Bob Casey. Yesterday I pointed out that Santorum is doing what he needs to do if he wants to close the gap and win re-election. I also explained that Bob Casey needs to convince PA that he really is pro-life even though he is not. Today, Casey announced his support for Sam Alito. That was a good move. Let the masquerade begin!

Santorum’s response, as reported by the Corner, is decent. Waiting for advice from the mainstream media is not leadership. But what Santorum needs to do is remind Pennsylvanians of Democrats who run for office claiming to be pro-life but then fail to support conservative judges after they are elected. Failing to deliver such a reminder will allow Casey to hide behind his father’s good name before the election and then act like Harry Reid, the other “pro-life” Senate Democrat, after the election. This is why I believe the race is unfortunately Casey’s to lose.

UPDATE: This just hit me. How is it that a man whose strategy is to say nothing at all still manages to say more than Lincoln Chafee, a sitting Senator?

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