Expectation of Privacy — on a Library computer?

by Sal on January 26, 2006

in Politics

Mrs. Sal came across a story about a library in Newton where the FBI wanted access to a library computer where a potential terrorist threat was made from. The librarian refused to allow them access because they didn’t have a search warrant. In the words of Mrs. Sal:

Hello??? It was a potential terrorist threat. It’s a public building, and I believe the librarian could CONSENT to a search without a warrant. Makes me feel safe.

The liberals in this country are getting out of hand. No one has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” on a public library computer. A search warrant is supposed to be for unreasonable searches and seizures of private property, not public property. It took the FBI nine hours to get a warrant (by which time it was determined that there really was no threat). If this had been a real threat, and people had died because of a 9-hour wait for a warrant, would people be praising this woman? Use some common sense people! We’re at war, and the liberals are concerned about a right to privacy (which doesn’t exist in the constitution anyways) on a public piece of equipment. It makes my head hurt.

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