Quite a Middle East Contrast

by Ryan on January 26, 2006

in Politics

Hamas’ victory is not cool. Palestine is a disjointed state in crisis, less from the Israelis and more from factions within their own sources of power. Check out Sal’s link below for an account of what happened in the election.

In contrast, the nation that Hamas wants to destroy, Israel, tried to and almost did get Osama Bin Ladin back in 1996. Mossad nearly got him through their Egyptian liaisons. So on one hand we have Hamas prepared to work with Iran to destroy Israel, and Israel who was and is a valuable friend in the War on Terror, apparently even before we were fighting it!

Now, the Palestinians are not completely bonkers for supporting Hamas. Hamas has offered food, clothing, shelter, day care, and something close to police protection for Palestinians in Gaza for decades. Hamas has been the government in some areas out there. I am not being an apologist. It’s only that I believe that these things happen for a reason and in a context. I personally believe that Hamas’ social welfare actions are fundamentally underhanded, insidious, and rabble-rousing.

That being said, the Palestinians are still responsible for what they did yesterday and should not be surprised if we and other nations act in OUR self-interest, through the will of OUR people to lay the smackdown if need be. Hamas is a terrorist organization–social welfare issues or not! I believe you can watch babies and NOT blow up Jews at the same time! They have a choice to end the terrorism and join in the civil political process. This could be a great opportunity. However, it could be a step towards war and alienation. People make choices. The Palestinians did. Now they’ll have to deal with it.

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Chris January 26, 2006 at 9:46 pm

Rush had some very interesting things to say about the election in Palestine today. In the same fashion how we as a country have paid for past electoral mistakes, even 30 years after in some cases, (example: 1976-Carter, 92/96-Clinton), the people of Palestine will have to pay. This election will do one thing to Israel…it will move the political climate more to the right, bringing Benjamin Netanyahu back to power. Bibi is a no-nonsense guy, if I may, he has a ‘No Spin Zone’ way of looking at things. He will take into account that both parties in Palestine…Fatah AND Hamas both profess the destruction of Israel and either in power are dangerous. Additionally, when Iran shows themselves to be as giddy as a schoolgirl at the election results of Palestine and noting their past statements and positions on Israel, we have a dangerous alliance forming. Bibi will not hesitate to dust off his bombers, taking care of the problem once and for all.

Is war inevitable? I would say no and I do agree with you, Ryan, that the Palestinian people should be held responsible for their actions. At the same time they should also hold their government responsible and we will see the true democracy test if the people work to change Hamas’s murderous reputation…only time will tell what happens in the Mideast.


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