The Unintentional Comedy of George Galloway

by Mike on January 26, 2006

in Politics,Reality Television

The BBC has the latest on George Galloway post- Big Brother. I know. I know. George Galloway’s sucking up to dictators and assistance to the U.N. in its oil for food scandal are more outrageous than his recent stint on the UK’s celebrity Big Brother where he, among other things, dressed in a leotard and imitated a cat, but his reflections on the reactions to his experience is just too rich. “Why are we talking about this? The world is in flames. The Liberal Democrat party is imploding… there is war and pestilence and disease in the world. Why are we talking on national radio for 10 minutes about me, for charity, pretending to be a cat? “

Hey Galloway, if a ten minute distraction on a radio talk show irritates you, what are your thoughts on your childish decision to take several weeks away from your duties as an MP while the world was supposedly falling apart? Of course your absence was probably the best gift you could have given your constituents and to the world. Not that it really matters anyway. With the adults in charge, your insane ideas really can’t see the light of day. At least not in the UK. Now if we can just have an election in France. . .

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