Washington Compost Fails to Understand Rhode Island

by Mike on January 29, 2006

in Politics

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Compost asserts that the upcoming vote on Judge Alito presents a dilemma for Lincoln Chafee. Cillizza correctly points out that opposing Alito will hurt Senator Chafee in the Republican primary. However, Cillizza’s conventional wisdom regarding the general election does not account for political realites in Rhode Island. Opposing Alito will also hurt Chafee in the general election should he somehow defeat Steve Laffey in the primary.

Rhode Islanders know Chafee’s RINO credentials are second to none. Supporting Judge Alito’s confirmation will in no way “tarnish” that image. Chafee remains a staunch supporter of higher taxes, more government spending on every program under the sun, gun control, countertproductive environmental regulations, legalized abortion, and the appeasement of America’s enemies during a time of war. Supporting Judge Alito will cause some conservatives to support Chafee rather than staying home or casting a blank ballot. Conservatives can forgive RINOs for many questionable votes during a general election. What cannot be forgiven is opposition to qualifed Court nominees who will not legislate from the bench. Chafee lost our support a long time ago, but politically speaking, his chances in both the primary and general election require a vote in favor Judge Alito’s confirmation.

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