Republicans Supporting Liberals

by Mike on January 30, 2006

in Politics

Lincoln Chafee has made a career out of infuriating conservatives but Blanton at Red State has a good post on the equally outageous support of this liberal by national Republicans:

“What should be most disturbing for Republicans is that, despite Lincoln proving constantly that he is not a team player, but an indecisive wuss on all issues, Elizabeth Dole’s NRSC has continued to support him in his primary against Mr. Laffey. If Chafee will not vote for President Bush in an election and will not support the President’s nominations to the Supreme Court, he is no better than having a Democrat and the NRSC should stop all help for him.”

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rightonoz February 7, 2006 at 10:18 pm

This is not a comment on this as such, nor picking a fight, more asking for illumination.

This particular guy does sound as though he might be happier in another party 1/2 way between Dem and Republican or is there a Right, mid and left of the republican party?

For an outsider it appears that the Republican is a very fracious party with a fair amount of biff between what we would see as hard right, centre and left (but still right of the Dem’s).

In Australia we have two right wing parties, National (basic farmers party, give all the pork barrel to the country, seem short on intelligence at time with some real ‘looney tunes’ senators) and Liberals, include hard right to slightly left of mid road. They form an alliance that is the current government. It’s an uneasy existence between the Nats and Libs with Nats demanding more handouts for farmers (backbone of the country so they say) and Libs trying to run a right wing economy with a few too many social security handouts (a bonus for having a kid! – even if you’re a single mum – pop out another one and get $3000 plus a weekly handout). Despite the differences the various factions seem to co-exist and accept each other. (Our opposition Labor party – VERY left of even the pinkest Dem are constantly fighting amongst themselves, vote stacking at branch meetings etc.)

My question is- Is it the nature of the Republican beast that there seem to be some hard held views and pretty tough mud slinging and fighting going on or is this the nature of US politics even within parties and the Dems are into it too? Obviously being on the right I haven’t seen any Dem blogs, nor any inclination too.


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