Bush Wins Again

by Ryan on February 1, 2006

in Politics

I saw the speech. I saw the talking heads. I heard about the rebuttal. And I spoke with some of the libs at work for their reaction. I also read this. I have to say that this one was pretty good. It was forceful, had lots of ideas, but also it was real. I did not like every little bit of his proposals, but on defense, social security and new sources and types of energy, I was pleased. Also, he pushed market-oriented solutions to some of our current problems. I mean, he’s not Ronaldus Magnus, but he earned a high B+ for the effort.

The Dems did nothing to help their image last night, however. The one time they chose to ovate without a cue from the Republicans dealt with being proud of a dismal failure to act– social security. My first reaction was to text a friend the word “asses”, because that’s just what they looked like. Pure, unabashed obstructionists. Maybe the fringe 15-20% of their base absolutely loved that. I’m sure Cindy Sheehan would have been giddy (HA!). But cheering so loudly after being told that inaction has only made the problem worse made them look like jerks. You could tell that Bush thought so too!

PS: could someone slip Cin-Cin the name of a good psychiatrist? Her meds have been a little off over the last seven months or so.

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Chris February 2, 2006 at 11:42 am

After having seen the speech and read the speech, I have come to the conclusion that it was a good one. I very much liked his mentioning of American values, the positive and optimistic view he holds toward the county and his ideas for national security…some may argue that Iran is getting nervous and I would agree with them. I’ve always felt that a popular uprising against that disgrace of a government could occur, as long as it has a good backing…who knows, maybe we won’t have to dust of the bombers if that happens…good for the president for mentioning that. The thing that makes our president unique is that he chooses Democratic steps to achieve Republican means. At times, these steps taken make me a little nervous, for example, energy. It’s all well and good to work to achieve alternate means of energy and I do support it, but being that they are 5-10 years off, it’s not prudent to abandon oil as a primary energy source…it is for that reason that I think the president should have been vocal about our need to drill in ANWR. Get that on the market and our level of reliability on Mideast oil not be as high.

I felt that the Dems were disgraceful and certain areas of the speech where they sat on their hands (less abortions, success in Iraq, etc) showed a lack of class and good judgement. What I found most disgraceful was the Dems cheering because they did nothing about Social Security. I agree with Rush in that their actions will come back to bite them in the end.

On Cindy, I first thank her son for his service and the fact that he gave his life to defending our nation. On her actions, I flat out feel sorry for her. The even sadder thing about Cindy is that when her usefulness to the Democrat party ends, she will be tossed aside like one of Tony Soprano’s ‘goomads’.–>


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