Chafee vs. Laffey at the NRSC

by Sal on February 2, 2006

in Politics

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has a page attacking Steve Laffey. The funny part is, they also have a comments section, which are filled with anti-Chafee, pro-Laffey comments. Maybe the NRSC should rethink its position?

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Mike February 2, 2006 at 4:53 pm

Tone deaf does not even begin to describe the NRSCC. The money they spend attacking the only Republican in the RI race should be spent defending Santorum or supporting Steele, Mark Kennedy or Keane.

Chafee-supporting candidates only support Chafee for pragmatic reasons which are unnecessary due to Laffey’s electability. (or if they have a personal relationship with Chafee).

Laffey is for lower taxes, the war in Iraq, common sense judges, lower spending. In addition, he’s pro-life and despises unions. The most conservative Chafee stance cited by our pro-Chafee readers thus far is support for brownfields. To quote PC History Professor Robert Deasy, “whoopie ding ding.”


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