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by Sal on February 2, 2006

in Politics

The Connecticut State Legislature is attempting to take over the role of parents in raising children. A new bill would ban the sale of any kind of soda, soft drink, and any sugared drink in all public schools (including Diet Sodas, which have no calories) in an attempt to control the nutrition of students. Now, I can somewhat understand the sale of soda in elementary schools, as some medical evidence shows that diet soda in young children can cause growth issues, but in high school? The government really needs to stop usurping the role of the parent, and let parents raise their children.

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Chris February 2, 2006 at 12:58 pm

It’s already happening here in the people’s Republic of NJ , but the law won’t go into effect into 2007. Gotta love the arrogance of the government.


rightonoz February 6, 2006 at 12:02 am

The trouble here is, if too many parents are abdicating their rights and responsibilities, in the interests of minimising the growing health costs of obesity, is it arrogance on the part of the government.

We tend to think of thes things from our own point of view, and (hopefullly) we’re all responsible adults/parents.

Unfortunately the US has (so we are led to belive) the fastest growing incidence of childhood obesity in the world (and Australia not far behind).

The reality is we are looking at a generation of seriously obese children who will not outlive their parents.

That is VERY SCARY. I generally don’t support govt intervention, but if too many parents have abdicated their duty and are condemning their children to an early death, perhaps it is one of those times where the action is necessary. parents have rights, but not the right to abdicate responsibility. I know, slippery slope and all that, but we can’t ignore the issue.


Lisa February 8, 2006 at 10:45 am

Though I also don’t advocate government interventions for things like this–I also agree that there isn’t a huge problem with banning selling soda and sugary drinks in schools. I mean, our government also tells children under 18 that they can’t buy cigarettes–which not too many people think is a bad idea. Soda, though a more insidious health threat than smoking, has been shown to contribute to weight, and weight has been shown to contribute to disease development. Kids can’t always make good decisions for themselves. (And as I’m sure most of us remember from our youth, kids don’t always listen even if their parents do tell them what to do.)

As an aside, I don’t think that controlling access to soda will make any difference when kids are routinely served pizza, fried chicken, and sloppy joes in our nation’s cafeterias anyway.


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