Sadaam’s WMD’s….Revealed?

by Sal on February 8, 2006

in Politics

Congress apparently has recently obtained 12 hours of audio tape from the regime of Sadaam Hussein, which purportedly has answers to what happened to Sadaam’s WMDs. (Note: To say that Sadaam didn’t have WMDs is factually false. We do know for a fact that he did have them in 1998 when he kicked the inspectors out of Iraq. What we don’t know is where they went, when or if they were destroyed, etc.).

The contents of these tapes are going to be publicly released on February 17. This should be an interesting one to watch.

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Ryan February 8, 2006 at 3:18 pm

On top of this, there are at least 2 million pages of documents seized from Saddam’s regime. Less than 2% have been translated from Arabic to English. We’ve already learned plenty from these documents, and more is to come. They had to be somewhere and the Democrat’s knee-jerk reaction that “Bush Lied Kids Died” will, I’m sure, come back to bite them in the behind!


noonan February 8, 2006 at 8:20 pm

The real silver bullet though is connecting whatever information comes out to what Bush had or at least probably had when he made his decision, and/or shared with the Congress.

Middle to left folks won’t care if it seems like mere coincidence. The political score is in brightly highlighting the connection, if its strong, over and over again.


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