What? Are You Serious?

by Ryan on February 8, 2006

in Politics

Drudge had a feature today about that travesty which took place yesterday at Coretta Scott King’s funeral observance.

Jimmy Carter is a jerk. Plain and simple. He had a horrible presidency: bad economy he made worse through hidebound policies, total cabinet reshuffle because of ineptness, Operation Desert 1′s failure, not sending two planes over Tehran in 1979 to “handle” Khomeini leading us to an angry, possibly nuclear Islamofascist state within a few years. Thanks Peanut-head! I even thought that Carter was rehabilitating himself with the UN election watching in the 1990s, but since GWB he’s simply made an ass out of himself on many occasions, harming the nation in the process, yet again.

King’s funeral was an opportunity to come together to share in a common sentiment that all Consitutional rights count for all Americans, and that she and her late husband contributed positively to our view of American Democracy today.

Carter and the good Reverend Lowery made a mockery, “Paul Wellstone-style,” of the entire affair by bringing up Iraq AND Katrina. Are they serious? Disrespecting the dead at their memorial ceremony. Have they no class at all? This is an election year. There will plenty of time for angry speeches about Iraq and the Katrina aftermath, but the memorial service for Coretta Scott King was NOT one of them. Another reason why I don’t vote for Democrats. Still none of them have, so far, made any real critical comments about Carter and the Reverend.

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Noonan February 8, 2006 at 10:45 am

Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that criticism.

Did you see Carter’s son is now a Nevada Dem Senate candidate?


Mike February 8, 2006 at 11:04 am

I haven’t read your post yet but I knew it was about Jimmah as soon as I saw the pic. OK I’ll read your comments on what the demented little bastard did this time.


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