Abolish FISA

by Sal on February 9, 2006

in Politics

The Wall Street Journal Editorial page on OpinionJournal.com makes a convincing case for the abolishment of the FISA statute. It argues that in national security matters, having judicial oversight on wiretaps is akin to having judicial oversight on whether the U.S. military can invade Falujha. Why should one single judge, the article adds, have veto power over the combined judgment of the NSA, Justice Department, and Executive Branch? What makes a lawyer in a black robe so special that he or she can determine whether probable cause (a fairly high standard) is enough to protect our national security? Would you want to wake up and read in the papers tomorrow that there was a major terrorist attack on an American city and it could have been prevented, except that the FISA judge denied a request for a warrant? As the article points out, there is a check on the President abusing his wiretap authority. It’s called elections.

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Ryan February 11, 2006 at 1:30 pm

Well, the Lib’s playbook is straight from Lyndon Johnson and George McGovern, so obviously a statute that’s only 28 years old AND from the Carter Administration still has plenty of time to linger, rot, then die in the 21st Century War on Terror!

The Dems should do what Rush and Sean have been telling them for a month IF they want a political advantage: don’t dwell on its illegality, focus on MAKING it legal somehow.


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