Muhammad’s Image

by Ryan on February 11, 2006

in Politics,Religion

Laughing out loud is common when reading a new column from Annie C, but this one was rather precious. Libs have lost their sense of humor, which in fact makes them funnier to watch in my opinion! However, Annie C was criticizing the assertion that Islam is the “religion of peace” in her own, classic Coulter way. Please read it, for a quick synopsis will not do it justice, especially on some key points relating to liberals and “car-burning” cults.

I also was listening to Monica Crowley this morning. She had a few people on to discuss this idea that the image of Muhammad cannot be shown, drawn or depicted in any way. Her Muslim experts contradicted that concept, which happens to be a pretty recent addition to Islamic thought.

The picture above is within the walls of the Supreme Court. It has been there for a long time. But, for some strange reason, the Supreme Court is not in flames and the only protesters in front lately deal with antiquated Boomers trying to feel important by supporting lost causes (ie-NARAL, the NAGs, and the like during the Alito hearings). In fact, many images of Muhammad from Islam’s past still exist and were once viewed as important. Remember, Muhammad is NOT Allah. Remember that to Muslims, Christians went wrong worshipping Jesus rather than God so they had to come along and fix that (Koran, 4:171)*. Also remember that they believe Jesus will return and tell all the “People of the Book” to convert to Islam (Koran, 4:158)*.

I suppose the point is that negative depictions of Muhammad equal riots and burnings, but positive ones are OK, just not anymore. Make sense? The Danish press had dozens of cartoons that depicted Islam’s prophet in neutral or even positive lights, but three did not. That’s why I believe the whole issue has nothing to do with cartoons, but unfortuately the clashing of two cultures that increasingly seem to be incompatible in their current forms.

* see: The Koran, translated by N.J. Dawood, Penguin Books, 1997: pages 77-78.

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