Repeal Hate Crimes Legislation

by Mike on February 15, 2006

in Politics

Jeff Jacoby has a great article in today’s Boston Globe Retractor concerning the recent church burnings in Alabama. Jacoby posits that if these burnings had victimized non-Christians, hate crimes investigations and outrage would have followed. Since the victims were Christians, cricket chirping can be heard on the left. Of course, Jacoby is right.

I oppose hate crimes legislation because I believe all crime is hate crime and no victim is more valuable than another. Perhaps the realization that the lives of all victims are equally valuable can be the good to come out of these atrocities.

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Ryan February 15, 2006 at 7:52 pm

I agree with Mike’s sentiment on this. If the point is equality, how can one crime be out of hate and another be out of something else?

I know that the social engineers would like us to think that crime comes from desperation ONLY when perpetrated by an oppressed minority. But we have seen black on white crime perpetrated BECAUSE the victims were white. That gets tagged as a hate crime as well, but why have labels. It is counterintuitively enforcing the idea that the civil rights movement has accomplished nothing over the last 60 years.

Teaching where I do I absolutely know that that is not the case, and I can see it it the sentiments of the Millennials I teach: they can empathize with the sentiment at the origin of these laws but feel that their continued existence seems, in the least, a bit odd and out of place in their world.


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