The MSM losing its collective mind

by Sal on February 15, 2006

in Politics

The press is looking more and more foolish by the day. The man Vice President Cheney accidentally shot in a hunting accident had a minor complication of a minor, silent heart attack from a piece of birdshot that ended up near his heart. While this is no laughing matter, the man is 78 years old! The Doctors are keeping him in the hospital for observation, and will probably release him in a week.

How does the Press treat this? Well, the AP story headline states “Man shot by Cheney suffers heart attack!” While technically true, the tone of the headline makes it out to be more than it is. The worst offender, however, is the NY Slimes, which bases a whole article on the fact that if the man whom Cheney shot dies, there could be a grand jury investigation! And the Vice President could be charged with negligence or recklessness! Couple that with the press questions on Monday such as “Is this a criminal offense?” “Did Cheney take a gun-safety course?” “Will the Vice President Resign?”

So it’s OK for a sitting U.S. Senator to murder a young woman in a drunk driving accident, and it’s OK for a U.S. President to commit perjury and obstruction of justice, but Cheney is the devil for a hunting accident. Now that makes a lot of sense.

UPDATE: To further illustrate my point, see this transcript that Drudge has posted up of NBC White House correspondent David Gregory losing it with Scott McClellan.

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rightonoz February 15, 2006 at 9:42 pm

The press the world over always seek the most sensationalist headline or the one that plays to majority predjudice.

Simple example, I am a keen motorcyclist, and have been for 35 years. Whenever a car vs M/C accident is reported the headline is always ‘motorcycllist killing in collision with car’, or ‘motorcycle collides with car…’, whereas the accident statistics here in Australia point to 85% of all MC accidents being caused by the other vehicle. Recent case, the first headline above was used, where an accurate report of the accident would have been ‘SUV fails to stop at intersection and kills motorcuyclist’. As most readers are car/SUV drivers they are likely to react negatively to the correct headline, but the incorrect one sits best with societies perception of motorcyclists. Now I know we’re all sex mad thugs who will seduce your wives and daughters, but we do guarantee them satisfaction :-) (a little off colour Aussie humour) Just for the record, I’m a sex mad thug with 3 degrees including 2 masters and am a company CEO.

Now in the case of Cheney, there were a number of ways the press could have reported, but as you say, go for the ‘money shot’ We will always have to accept that the press will always put sensationalism before strict truth and even handed reporting. Sounds like politics!


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