Gumbel Injects Liberal Bias Into Sports Coverage

by Mike on February 16, 2006

in Politics,Sports

Bryant Gumbel recently claimed that the Olympics looked like a Republican convention because of a lack of black athletes. Yes apparently Gumbel is still on the air. You can find the video on Expose the Left.

Maybe I’m missing something but should sporting events mirror the demographic composition of the population at large? If so, which population? America’s? The population of cold weather nations in general? All nations? Once we agree on a population, should the same logic apply to the NBA? Here’s a novel theory, let’s just allow the best athletes in a given sport to compete, regardless of race.

As for his disgraceful political comment, I guess Gumbel didn’t catch Mike Steele’s speech at the 2004 Republican convention. You can’t blame Gumbel though, most Democrats would like to forget Steele’s remarks. The people who routinely inject race into discussions are those who tend to support the party which supported slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and affirmative action. Conservatives simply see people for who they are, not for what color their skin happens to be.

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Chris February 17, 2006 at 12:40 pm

Gumbel’s comments, no surprise, are not only racist, but they are flat out stupid. The Liberal MSM is so using a double standard with this. The comments made by Jimmy the Greek and Rush forced them out of their respective positions. I am sure that Michael Wilbon is not going to call for a boycott of HBO the same way he did when Rush interviewed for MNF.


Voice Of Reason February 17, 2006 at 4:54 pm

The liberal media are no better in their princples, or lack their of, than terrorists. The reason being is they use fear and anxiety to promote their position, views, or status. Obviously their means and extent are different but the underlying principles/fear tactics are undoubtedly similar. In this instance of Bryant Gumbel stating how there wasn’t any black athletes at the olympics and also saying because of this, it appears to look like a republican convention, is just ignorant. What does one have to do with the other? Yet his comment is anxiety provoking for many people because racism is a negative quality that no one wants to be accused of if they aren’t truly racist. Also the question: Why can’t a black person be a republican or an athlete? We all know that isn’t true, just turn on any sports channel or news channel. By no means am I trying to equate Bryant Gumbel to a terrorist, but their principles are similar and ignorant.


Ryan February 18, 2006 at 10:55 am

It seems like Gumbel is just an angry black man who over the last decade has watched his popularity and career turn to near nothing. By injecting this kind of ignorance into the debate he: 1. gets to jab his old network, NBC, 2. gets people to talk about him; remembering that all publicity is good publicity when your career is sunk, and 3. he fears the black Republican because it would further push him and his ideologies to the fringes.


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