Intro to Appeasement

by Mike on February 17, 2006

in Politics

Victor Davis Hanson of Jewish World Review explains how tyrants have historically exploited both appeasers and the sense of war weariness to wreak havoc and then applies this historical lesson to the Islamofascism of today. Sounding a lot like President Bush during his recent State of the Union address, Hanson argues that doing what is easy rather than what is right will only make matters worse down the road.

Hanson is right. Unfortunately, this is a point the peacenik left is unable to grasp.

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Ryan February 17, 2006 at 1:49 pm

I certainly hope that the “intellectuals” today never catch on like they did in the 1930s. I even have some colleagues today whose sentiments lead to the conclusion that war itself is a crime and soldiers will one day be the criminals, which the article made eerily reminiscent. As a theory, the obsolescence of war has gained ground in left-wing circles, unfortunately psychologically aiding those who seek to destroy us.


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