Senator Chafee Fails to Learn From Chamberlain

by Mike on February 17, 2006

in Politics

How do you solve a problem like Iran? Reason with them of course. Why can’t we just get them not to hate us? No these are not the solutions offered by a four year old child or a Hallmark card but by a member of the United States Senate, Lincoln Chafee.

With military force and economic pressure off the table, how exactly would Chafee get the Islamofascists to stop hating us? The last few weeks have shown us that mere cartoons can cause Islamofascists to turn into arsonists and murderers. The only way Iranian leaders would stop hating us is if we adopted an Islamic state in America, complete with floggings, execution of dissidents and hostage taking. Get real Linc. Or at least get out of the Senate. That’s where you can help us Rhode Island.

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