The Mind of a Liberal, European Feminist

by Mike on February 21, 2006

in Politics

I recently ate lunch at a pub near my workplace which I refer to as my “secure undisclosed location” and struck up a conversation with the bartender. Little did I know I would treated to a peep show into the mind of a European leftist. Two things struck me as odd. First, the liberal habit of adopting inaccurate and outdated perceptions as current fact. Second, the sense of entitlement was simply mind boggling.

The bartender was generally a pleasant woman. Conversation wandered to New York City and the economy. I was “informed” that unemployment is currently at the highest levels in decades. I responded that unemployment is actually under 5 percent, one of the lowest levels in history. But no, the feminist said that “statistics show” high unemployment. Recognizing the futility of discussing reality, I let her talk. As Dolores O’Riordan would say “there’s no need to argue anymore.”

This is something liberals do all the time. Of course, the U.S. was sliding into recession when She Who Must Not Be Named’s husband was leaving office and tough times continued in the aftermath of September 11. We all know liberals pretended it was the Jimmy Carter economy all over again. That claim was nonsense. Although it was a recession, it was hardly the Great Depression Part Two. So the claim was basically untrue then and completely untrue now. This is a specific example of how liberals take an outdated and inaccurate perception and cite that perception as a fact. All the Venona projects and Saddam tapes in the world cannot shake the libs from their alternate reality.

The woman’s sense of entitlement was also rather European. The economy came up as a topic because some of her family members were in transitional periods and job searching. Explaining the difficulty of looking for a job, she bemoaned the fact that the government is doing nothing for those who need a job. Of course, the government is responsible for our well-being. That George Bush is simply a monster. Why didn’t I think of that?

Later in the conversation she told me that cannot return to Europe when she eventually leaves NYC because she sees Europeans taking their prosperity for granted. In addition, she sees Europe as in the crossfire between the United States and the Middle East. After telling me she was a liberal feminist (N.S. Sherlock), she elaborated that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the religion of peace. This is where she started to make a little sense. The conversation continued into smalltalk, I wished her well, paid my bill and left.

More of these people can be found in New York City than almost anywhere. It’s nice to know that some liberals are not actually foaming at the mouth (though most are). But it’s also sad that some people believe what they believe not because of fact and not because of any solid value system. Facts are what Michael Moore cuts and pastes onto a movie screen and then airbrushes out. Values are nothing more or less than what you are personally entitled to. It’s a sad fact that some people are simply trapped on the left.

We occasionally hear of liberals becoming conservative. This usually occurs when they pay taxes, have children or see their country attacked. Perhaps it is some other event which allows liberals to see the error of their ways or the emptiness of their thoughts. I pray that all liberals receive a wake up call at some point in their lives.

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Sal February 22, 2006 at 6:57 am

I hope too that they do receive a wake-up call. I also hope that the wake-up call is not something tragic, such as another attack.


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