Neglecting Old Glory

by Mike on February 24, 2006

in Culture,Politics

Today’s edition of New York’s best newspaper has a special piece on the worn out American flags scattered throughout New York city. Unfortunately this shame is not limited to the city.

As an anecdote, there is a house in my family’s neighborhood in Rhode Island which displays a tattered American flag. Of course the flag is also displayed upside down and the bumpers on the cars in their driveway are covered in leftist propaganda, which suggests to me that the flag display was probably done intentionally.

I’m sure most instances of worn out and damaged flags are the result of unintentional neglect rather than intentional desecration. Whether intentional or not, greater care should be taken. Many soldiers have fought and died for what that flag represents. Those who would desecrate that symbol are just sick. Those who are merely careless should probably pay more attention.

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