Don’t You Even!

by Ryan on March 1, 2006

in Politics

Premier Gorbachev is sounding off, yet again, on how much America sucks today, and how we missed all the great opportunities of the contemporary world. Typical liberal banter to be sure, but here are my further gripes with Gorby at the moment:

  1. First, why is it that when elder statesmen lose it (read Jimmah Carter, Robert “KKK” “Sheets” Byrd, the Cape Cod Orca) we all of a sudden revere their point of view (as long as it’s anti-American, which in the MSM means anti-Bush…so it’s okay)?
  2. Also, it’s quite obvious that Gorby is just jealous that his old country sucked and ours doesn’t–and has been groaning and moaning for the last 15 years about it!
  3. Who cares what this Dark-Side-of-the-late-20th-Century Brontosaurus has to think about the world anyway? If there’s any former Soviet’s point of view one might want to hear, let’s listen to Boris–a leader who actually WANTED democracy– rather than Gorby, who only wanted to fix that broken, antiquated, and evil totalitarian state, not replace it.

I think a lot of this time-to-time media attention on Gorby is, of course anti-Bush, but is also a little bit of collective media nostalgia for the romanticized seventy-plus-year dream that happened to go tragically astray for them in 1991. Apparatchik Gorby is a sad joke who was ultimately politically smitten by the greatness of the Modern Triumverate of Freedom: The Iron Lady, Ronaldus Magnus I, and John Paul the Great.

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rightonoz March 1, 2006 at 11:48 pm

I actually think you’re being a little harsh on Gorby.
What he did was to bring the USSR far closer to a democracy than any other leader. While his vision was one of a socialist state in a harmony with the rest of the world you have to understand it in terms of the system he was working with.

He tried to take small steps and was sucessfully doing so until overthrown by a hard left determined to go back to the old days. Yeltsin was just the (drunken) man of the moment who knowing it was about to go back to the hard left did a all or nothing stand with enough supporters to stare down the military who backed down under the spotlight. It really was a VERY close thing. I believe he would have ended up far closer to Yetlsin’s reality thanwe give him credit for, and he wasn’t a raging drunk!.

Personally I think he was a great man for his time, many failings – Hey all leaders have those, even Ronnie and GB.

If a Breschnev or any of the other hard liners had been in power we may have seen a stupid last gasp that could have had disasterous consequences.

His view is far more left of ours and I don’t think too many of us will agree with too much of what he says, but the reality is that all countries have missed opportunities (GWB has managed to alienate formwer allies). I’m not saying that there was defintiely a better way to go after terrorism hat wouldn’t have done so, but still believe there was possibly an alternative to Bagdhad or bust.


Ryan March 2, 2006 at 4:15 pm

As you can tell, Gorbachev and the hype that occasionally surrounds him kind of gets to me. He was the last dictator of a failed totalitarian state and he’s cheered as a hero sometimes. So, we didn’t go to nuclear war like Andropov suggested after KAL in 1983, but should we give medals to people who DON’T take us to nuclear war? I’ve always been very black and white about the Soviet Union; that may have come through in my post!

But that’s what’s great about these issues. They are wide open to debate and I appreciate your opinion, even if I don’t agree with all of it.


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