The Path to Protecting the Unborn

by Mike on March 2, 2006

in Politics

This abortion debate among pro-lifers emerged on the Axis of Right recently. Although this debate will probably lack the passion which exists in debates between the pro-choice and pro-life sides, it is nevertheless crucial.

Protecting the lives of the unborn is a top priority for me. All pro-lifers applaud the merits of recent proposed abortion bans in South Dakota and elsewhere. The question of whether efforts to ban abortion are occurring too soon is a tactical question of how to achieve our common goal. I admit it. I’m torn.

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Ryan March 4, 2006 at 6:42 pm

NARAL, the NAGs, and Planned Parenthood are all weak. Weakened even further by the trouncing that Alito gave them recently. Pro-life groups can smell blood.

That’s the strength of our side on this issue. Too much blood is being spilled, too much life being extinguished, keeping the pro-life forces steadfast and persistent. The best the NAGs have been able to do in 33 years is get many pro-lifers to tend to exclude certain cases in the argument.

On South Dakota: I love what they’re doing, though I think it is a bit fast, without those exclusions (rape, incest, grave health dangers). I say good luck and hope Alito sides with ma boyz Scalia and Thomas this time!


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