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by Ryan on March 3, 2006

in Politics

Today, I went to a workshop that focused on Abraham Lincoln and the wartime powers of the President. We discussed constitutional issues, precedents versus “mistakes,” and contemporary implications. Well, the professor who presented did so taking a swipe at the media, those who are quickly ready to impeach Bush, and on the liberal nature of college campuses. That was too much for one frustrated fogey who was upset to the point where he went into an awkward tirade about the evils of GWB and the Iraq War.

“Unhinged” is the word of the week, apparently.

Anyway, this article, which has nothing to do with my workshop, simply states that in Colorado and other Western areas a boom in energy production has affected the property of some locals. Yes, a BOOM in energy production. Yes, with Kilo hanging over our heads, let’s just take everything! And yes, the nation moves on, despite the apocalyptic predictions of a post-Katrina energy crisis, and despite the Libs best attempts to talk down the economy. Once on line, this natural gas should help out some supply issues. Once Iraq stabilizes, we’ll get oil from them in large amounts while helping them integrate into the global economy too, even if a few old fogeys continue to rant old arguments.

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