Protect Our Borders Please

by Mike on March 3, 2006

in Politics

The number of attacks against U.S Border Patrol agents is steadily increasing in recent years. This time, our agent opened fire on his attackers. However, it should never have come to this.

One of President Bush’s biggest failures has been his unwillingness to control our borders. This is disheartening because this attitude encourages illegal immigrants to break our laws, drains public resources and sends a message to our enemies that a porous border is waiting to be exploited. Now we learn that our agents are coming under attack more frequently. Hopefully our next President (and it won’t be She Who Must not Be Named) will take illegal immigration more seriously.

In my opinion, President Bush ranks among our near great Presidents. I just cannot support him on his immigration policies. And I certainly won’t ignore a disagreement simply because the leader happens to be a Republican.

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rightonoz March 3, 2006 at 6:29 pm

Have to heartily agree with you on the issue of border security. One of Howard’s great strengths is that he has been prepared to ignore the bleeding heart liberals that say all illegal immigrants are poor refugees who should be allowed to stay, or at very least released into the community (to melt away) while their cases are reviewed.

Our proble here is people who generally don’t meet the refugee criteria paying large sums to hop on a boat knowing that if they put a foot on Australian soil our left wing coutrat will allow them to stay for up to five years and waste public funds trying through the courts to send them back. Howard changed the law, putting some very outlying islands outside of Australia for this purpose. I don’t have an issue with genuine refugees within reasonable limtis and immigration in general as long as the fundamental character of Australia is not changed. A European background with ‘christian’ values (As you all know I don’t give a toss for organised religion as I believe it’s too often hi-jacked by extremists views throughout history)

The problem we are seeing and I’d like your feedback from a US perspective is immigrants bringing their ethnic and tribal wars with them. Eg Serb vs Croat fights at soccer games, Moslem refugees wanting their own Sharia laws.


Big Sister March 4, 2006 at 7:42 am

This issue makes me CRAZY!

Ethnic and tribal wars exist mainly because they are all founded by some theological loophole. Didn’t they leave their homelands to put the fueding behind them? BUT how can a country like ours, founded on the freedom of religion, hope to police this problem? It’s our fault, our laws have gotten soft.

If the Croats and Serbs disturb the peace, they get arrested. Just like any other American. No visa, not a citizen? You’re going home. (Gasp!)

My own grandfather was an American citizen who was arrested in Ireland. He was sent home on a boat the next day after the arrest. Simple.

It needs to be made clear that when you enter this country, you are subject to American law. (Sharia laws! Come on now.) If your religion has practices that violate human rights as detailed in the Constitution, then you are in violation of American law and need to be sent back.

Take the wasted public funds and buy plane tickets. If the threat of being returned to their country of origin is not enough to deter the feuding, then send them back. Put the onus on them. Just two years of a law like this in effect and I guarantee this feuding will quiet down.

What you said about illegals being released into the community, really, who’s community? Not the policy maker’s communities. Can you imagine immigrant housing set up in the middle of Bel Air? Greenwich, CT? It would be difficult to melt away there. Put the problem in the policy makers faces and in their children’s schools and new laws will develop.

I know the issue is not as simple as I suggest, but the law makers need to stop complicating everything.


Mike March 7, 2006 at 2:47 pm

Fortunately our immigrants have not brought any tribal wars with them, at least not to the degree of which you speak. Illegal imigrants enter the U.S. at the bottom of the social ladder and often unable to speak the language. In this regard, there is a separation between Americans in general and the newly arrived illegals.

A big problem with our immigration situation is the unknown. Due to lax border controls, we do not know which percentage of illegals are decent Mexicans simply trying to earn some money for their families or how many terrorists are trying to sneak in.

History shows us that mass immigration without assimilation can destroy a society. Throughout our history, immigrants have largely succeeded in assimilaitng into American culture, even if it takes a generation or two. Controlled, legal immigration can foster that assimilation.

The current war on terror and the fact that the US is a target necessitates border security now. Hopefully our next President will get it.


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