Storm Clouds?

by Ryan on March 3, 2006

in Politics

Scott Rasmussen wrote a corollary to his report GOP Generation (WARNING pdf file) that came out after the 2002 Midterm Election. His idea was basically that since Republicans have a substantial edge on the National Security issue, they will continue to keep the Democrats in the minority, and if they stayed the course they would solidify their majority for at least a generation.

Yet, he believes recent events, including the Dubai Ports issue, have chipped away at that perception. Though he admits that there is still 9 months to Election Day, he sees major problems for the Republicans if they cannot shore up this issue and their ranks. He believes that Bush has been steadily hurt on Iraq, which finds at least four of the Red State Senatorial Democrats remaining relatively safe by his polling data.

Quite honestly, I’ve felt a little concerned about the House this year. A shrill Speaker Pelosi is a scary thought. I enjoy her yapping and politically alienating speeches, but only because she has no real power– so it’s cute and San Francisco folksy. However, as Speaker of a Democratic majority… that thought is frightening. Impeachment articles would surely be passed and the country will have to cope with a politically hostile Democratic Congress during a time of war.


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