by Mike on March 4, 2006

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It is well-known that President Bush regularly seeks guidance from God when exercising his Presidential duties. Although many conservatives view this is as sign as wisdom, the President has also received his fair share of criticism. This criticism tells us the President is also courageous to admit the role of prayer in his life.

Imagine the level of political courage it took for Tony Blair to admit the role prayer played in his decision to send British troops to Iraq. As the leader of a European country where religion is in decline and as the leader of party dominated by socialists, the courage it took for Tony Blair to discuss the role prayer played in his decision to go to war cannot be overstated. The media will tear into for this one. Blair’s greatness grows more evident every day.

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Ryan March 4, 2006 at 10:15 pm

Leaders need a moral compass. It is crucially important to be centered, especially on the verge of major decisions or significant moments. We are not always guided well simply by the people and suggestions around us.

Blair admitted to getting another option– a religious, moral one. Psychiatrists and others in taht field love to paint God as a mass hallucination, an imaginary friend, a psychosis that preys on the weak-minded, a projected manifestaion of a father figure, etc.

They miss the moments of clarity and purpose that come with religious faith and devotion. Having a sense that this existence is larger than oneself, and that being isolated in this world doesn’t even remotely compare with the community of people.

Guidance, as CS Lewis referred to religion– a road map drawn by those who’ve travelled the road before, giving those that come after a sense of direction from a spiritual journey travelled by countless generations before us.

I’m glad the leaders of America and Britain are aware, as Lincoln was 140 years ago, that sometimes morality trumps politics when evils need and can be exorcised.


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