Premature Evacuation?

by Ryan on March 4, 2006

in Politics

Timetables bug me, generally, when talking about war, especially against terrorists and insurgents. The British press is running with this story on near full troop withdrawals by 2007. Again, no named sources, and the cited “sources” are apparently “senior officials,” but the idea is worth discussing.

  • I think the Iraqis need to know that we won’t be there forever and that, ultimately, it is they have to settle their own mess.
  • I believe that telling the terrorists when we’re going is also bad news since they’ll just let up or antagonize more until we get up and leave.
  • I understand that the international community and the American public are getting war wary, but is is more important to leave or win? I say win. I have a brother still serving over there and I believe it is important to finish the job with honor in a phased withdrawal based on conditions on the ground.
    • Note: “withdrawal” and “phased”

“Winning” (stabilizing their country, promoting an Iraqi-style democracy, engaging the global economy and community, being an ally in the War on Terror), will ultimately be up to the Iraqis. We’ve handed them a situation wherein the “fault” for failure cannot be put solely on the coalition or the USA. If civil war needs to happen, then let it happen, but to paraphrase President Kennedy on South Vietnam just two weeks before he died: in the final analysis it’s their war. Though I loathe Vietnam comparisons being that they’re weak and a stretch, I think we’ve gotten closer to that point of Iraqi responsibility… I just hate timetables.

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