Taliban Studies at Yale

by Mike on March 6, 2006

in Culture,Politics

College admissions standards are growing more competitive every year. Grades and SAT scores are still the most important factors in the equation but many schools will also look beyond the numbers and examine other factors such as extracurricular activities, economic background and skin color. It is important for an applicant to be as well-rounded as possible in order for the admissions office to be impressed with the “whole person.”

Perhaps this is what Yale had in mind when it decided to admit the Taliban’s former deputy foreign secretary, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi. In Yale’s defense, admitting Taliban officials will certainly enhance diversity on campus. After all, Hashemi undoubtedly has a unique perspective on mass executions and religious persecution.

Let’s just hope Hashemi fails to confine his women’s studies scholarship to forced burqa wearing by starting a discussion on the differences between men and women. Maybe then he’ll receive the Larry Summers treatment.

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Chris March 6, 2006 at 6:09 pm

Below, I am attaching an earlier entry from my blog about the Taliban spokesperson at Yale.

When I first read this story the other day, I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me, but apparently, it’s true…read for yourself.

This whole thing brings up a couple of questions:

1) How can this criminal (yeah, he may be just a mouthpiece of the Taliban, but he supported that repressive, disgraceful government) get into Yale when top students at Rumson-Fair Haven, East Brunswick or Middletown South get rejected, and other top students have to claw their way in?

2) How the heck did this guy get a visa into the US? A friend of mine is getting married and his 85 year old, law abiding, future inlaws cannot get a visa in from Russia, but this Taliban guy did!

Something’s a little strange here and the powers that be (both at Yale and in the US Government) really need to look at this situation to improve things.


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