Terrorism in Chapel Hill

by Mike on March 6, 2006

in Politics

Mohammad Taheri-azar, a Muslim, drives an SUV into a crowd of innocent people in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His reason for doing so is to seek revenge for the mistreatment of Muslims throughout the world. Somehow, University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill police are reluctant to call it terrorism. UNC College Republicans are planning to protest this reluctance. Michelle Malkin has a good round-up of the controversy.

I think we need to be careful not to label crimes, even the most horrendous, as terrorism; however, this situation warrants the label. The was an act designed to kill as many innocent civilians as possible for a political reason. The fact that the act of terrorism was committed by a Muslim is no reason to deny it was terrorism. Political correctness is nothing more than a disguise for truth. Let’s call a spade a spade.

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