British Soldier Contradicts Media Coverage of Iraq War

by Mike on March 7, 2006

in Politics

The Laura Ingraham Show has led the way in airing the first-hand experiences of American troops in Iraq. One member of the Axis of Right has also been privy to first hand accounts of Iraq as his brother is currently serving there. Soldiers who return home from Iraq routinely describe a situation largely unreported in the media. Mindful of the dangers surrounding them , soldiers tell us of an Iraq where tremendous progress has been made, terrorists are being captured, a rebuilding continues, and where most of the local population likes us, especially the children. Today we hear a similar story from a British soldier.

To their credit, the BBC has published the first hand account of British soldier Alex Preece. Like many American soldiers, Preece describes a situation often ignored by the British media, progress on the ground and goodwill from Iraqis toward the troops. Preece’s account is certainly balanced as he does not downplay the dangers of serving in Iraq and he even tells us that the Iraqis he has encountered hate Americans. I’d point out that the Iraqi people who encounter British troops do not often see American soldiers. If they did, like their fellow Iraqis in American led areas, they too would like Americans.

American and British soldiers are describing a situation that must be reported more often. Don’t count it though. The media are still the media. These stories will continue to be the exception to their overall doom and gloom coverage. Hopefully, people on both sides of the Atlantic will learn more facts about the Iraq war as more troops come home.

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Ryan March 8, 2006 at 12:53 pm

My brother is slated to come back stateside on March 15!!! He’ll be debriefed in Georgia for 40 days and be back in RI with stories and about 60 days of saved sick days! When he gets back, I’ll presss him further on the word on the ground out there about our redeployments. We’ve made a commitment and we’re there for the long-haul.


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