Illegal Immigrants in Boston

by Sal on March 8, 2006

in Politics

INS officials recently arrested and deported 30 illegal aliens in Boston. The people arrested have been asked to leave the country repeatedly and some have criminal backgrounds. Activists for illegal aliens say that this has nothing to do with the war on terror and serves little purpose:

There’s some validity that they’re out of status and they have not obeyed orders. But the overarching issue . . . is I’m not sure that Greater Boston is any safer after the people were picked up yesterday. I think I would rather see those dollars spent on finding terrorists and making sure our country is safer.

While I agree that these people were probably not as dangerous as terrorists, it does not make it right to have and Open Border policy that rewards those who break the law. The U.S. has every right to control its borders, and every right to punish those who violate our laws.

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Mike March 8, 2006 at 12:16 pm

What’s next? Don’t punish vandals because they’re not terrorists? Don’t punish drug dealers and pimps because they’re not terrorists? The “logic” of Massachusetts strikes again.


Ryan March 8, 2006 at 3:01 pm

This issue is one major strength that has developed from Governor Romney over the last few years: his strong communication and coordination with the Federal government on illegals in Massachusetts. This makes Mitt one of the few high profile Republicans (or Dems for that matter) who is outspoken about AND acting on the illegal immigration issue.

Now if he were only pro-life…


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