Lt. Governor Fogarty Makes the Case for Electing More Republicans

by Mike on March 8, 2006

in Politics

Rhode Island Lt. Gov. Charles Fogarty (D), the presumptive Democrat nominee for Governor, has made the case for electing more Republicans to the legislature and he doesn’t even realize it. Citing Governor Carcieri’s promise to run the government like a business, Fogarty whined that state government in RI is starting to look like Enron.

What Fogarty doesn’t seem to remember is that Governor Carcieri never gets his way on budget issues because Democrats like to override the his vetoes. Republicans simply lack the votes necessary to enact their agenda or block the Democrats’ agenda in Rhode Island. Rhode Island budgets are the product of the Democrat legislature, not the Republican Governor who fought those proposals every step of the way.

Applying Fogarty’s logic, more Republicans need to be elected in order to sustain Governor Carcieri’s vetoes of the budgets which have made the state government look like Enron. Budgets passed by Democrats and Democrats alone.

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