Singin’ the Blues

by Ryan on March 8, 2006

in Politics

Singin’ the blues on spending tax revenue. President Bush wants $4.2 billion in aid for Louisiana alone, while Congress wants to allocate that same amount for the whole Gulf Region. Yet, Bush states that he believes that the local “folks” have plans for our money in the Naw’lins region.

My problem with this is best summed up by the following question: What ever happened to the “Ownership Society?” All of Bushes attractive, market-based plans for America in a number of early 2nd term speeches have gone the way of a spend-spend-spend Republican Congress too attached to the conventional spending paradigm and overbloated pork programs. I fear that’s what the rebuilding of the Gulf Region has become.

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Mike March 8, 2006 at 1:46 pm

This is exactly why we need to reject the idea that government should be a solution to our problems. Government-based solutions always baloon from their original scope and purpose.

I appreciate those who instinctively believe a problem should be addressed with a government program limited in size and scope, and narrowly tailored to a specific need and laden with incentives for private enterprise. Gingrich is in this school.

However, advocates of using a small and efficient government response to problems often forget that a government program, even those that start out with limited roles, eventually balloon out of control.

This is a perfect example. The answer to our problems is to avoid government solutions whenever possible.


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