Words Must Have Meaning

by Mike on March 8, 2006

in Politics

Vice President Cheney has stated that the U.S will keep all options on the table. Iran is threatening the U.S. with “harm and pain.” Israel is promising action against Iran if the U.N. fails to act. The words of all three nations are to be taken seriously because all three have shown they are willing to back up their words.

The same cannot be said of continental Europe. Leon De Winter’s piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal slammed Europe for using empty language in its diplomacy and for its failure to value anything. European nations have thus far failed to make it clear to Iran that military action is on the table. During the period prior to the Iraq war, continental western Europe showed an overt hostility to using military force.

Even when paying lip service to the values of freedom and security, continental Europe has shown its aversion to military conflict and Iran has taken notice. De Winter believes America and Israel will have to shoulder the burdens of protecting the civilized world against Iran. I hope he is wrong but I think he is right. Diplomacy is destined to be unproductive when your words have no meaning. Merci France. Danke Deutschland.

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Ryan March 8, 2006 at 3:04 pm

Good for the WSJ! Europe is weak and obviously in decline. Russia is the real key one in this scenario. Iran rises or falls with Russia. If they’ll support sanctions or military action, Iran is screwed! They’ve been an ally of Iran since 1979 (thatnks Jimmah!) and hold plenty of influence.


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