O’Connor Fears a Dictatorship

by Mike on March 13, 2006

in Politics

In a speech designed to attack pro-lifers, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor warned that criticizing the judiciary could signal the beginning of a dictatorship. It warms my heart to hear O’Connor’s concerns about democratic decisions yielding to the fiats of the few. Her sense of reality is unmatched.

Thank God this woman is off the bench. Maybe she can redeem herself by convincing Justice Stevens how wonderful retirement can be.

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Ryan March 14, 2006 at 9:30 am

I think O’Connor’s judicial philosophy helped to paint the courts as oligarchical, as we have seen in the huff and puff around the Roberts and Alito confirmation hearings. We’re appointing lawyers who are as fallible as anyone!

However, the concept of 3 coequal branches and a system of checks and balances means that sometimes the branches argue or cross into the other’s turf. I, too, am glad that O’Connor, an advocate of how the laws “feel” to her friends at the chic DC parties, is now dwelling into irrelevance.


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