Weak on National Security? Damn Right You Are

by Mike on March 13, 2006

in Politics

I was pleased to learn that my initial reaction to Russ Feingold’s censure resolution against President Bush for using his war powers to fight Al Qaeda doesn’t differ too much from the Great One’s. Politicizing a war against international terrorism where our national survival may be at stake is sick. Democrats deserve to pay the political price, Whig Style.

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Ryan March 13, 2006 at 3:24 pm

I loved the author’s use of the word “shrill” because it tends to say it all!

The Dems are indeed going in the direction of the Whigs from a few points of view and trends:

1. They are in the minority, but even if they gain a majority of either house, they still are not a national party, much like the Whigs of old who generally lacked support in the South.

2. Their core principles are deeply divided between the moderates and the liberals (for our purposes there is no distinction between the libs and the whack-jobs since they occupy the same political base and survive through the same interest groups). Being too divided on core ideals is what tore the Whigs apart back in the day.

3. The Whigs split, but the Federalists died out. The Federalists spoke of making a premature treaty with the British before the War of 1812 finished. The Hartford Convention spelled doom for them. However, the Dems wanted a peace treaty with the Condeferacy in 1864 but managed to survive. In both cases, what was best for the country hurt them as the opposition party, much like the Dems today need catastrophe to gain an advantage.

History never repeats in exact patterns; details and timing will of course be different. Unfortunately, I believe that without a viable 3rd party movement to ween the libs off of the moderates into a “Progressive Party” I don’t think the Dems will split. They may, however, push the Moderates into a misty middle, where the Republicans can court them to more long term national majorities– a national security coalition. Then the Dems will become Republican lites and maybe a “loyal” opposition!


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