Frist Grows a Spine, Tells Dems to Put Up or Shut Up

by Mike on March 14, 2006

in Politics

We all know of Moonbat Russ Feingold’s censure resolution. Yesterday, Senate majority Leader Bill Frist called Feingold’s bluff by demanding a floor vote on the resolution. Fearing another vote like the Murtha resolution, Harriet Reid blocked a vote. Today we learn Frist isn’t backing down. According to Drudge, Senator Frist is daring Democrats to bring this up again and will continue to do so, effectively telling them to “put up or shut up.” Well done Senator Frist.

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Chris March 16, 2006 at 1:08 am

Thank you Russ!!! Funny how the Dems are running for cover after Russ’s proposal. And now, the NY Slimes speaks about how this will unite and rally the Republicans. A couple of comments: a)they overstate the case of division in the Republican party; b) this article is really a subliminal message to the Dems and media to shut up…that’s right-the “Slimes” gives the marching orders…it’s my hope that Russ doesn’t follow them.


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