Connecting the Dots Between Bush and Hitler

by Mike on March 16, 2006

in Politics

Many on the left can’t resist comparing our President to Adolph Hitler. Of course they can’t back up this claim with evidence because the comparison is absurd. With this in mind, The Right Place decided to help liberals connect the dots between Bush and Hitler. At least now they can back up their argument.

And they say conservatives can’t connect the dots.

Link via The Anchoress

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noonan March 16, 2006 at 6:25 pm

When talking about terrible regimes like the Nazis, it may be worth mentioning that they were socialists. Nazis, Communists in Russia and China, and most of your all-star lineup of human rights violators are from the left, not the right.

You also can see a pattern of devaluation of human life, heavy misinformation and propaganda in each such regime too. Include those dots in the picture


rightonoz March 17, 2006 at 12:31 am


Noriega,……Sorry, that one does not even begin to stack up. The Nazi’s had a strange mix of left and right wing policies, basicly in the initial stages whatever worked in getting some support. They were strongly anti communist and blamed the left wing for most of Germany’s problems before they took power (and the Jews, and gypsies, and any other group that a proud red-neck in the South would play on even in current day USA)

Left/Right there is no stranglehold on who abuses the most. Evil people use whichever platform gets them into power to start with.

The communists in Russia started out very left wing, but once in power in reality just became dictators who chanted the tune they felt would work with the masses


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