It’s the Economy, Stupid

by Sal on March 20, 2006

in Politics

The U.S. economy is close to full employment. The job market for graduates is the best it has been in 5 years, and salaries are on the rise. The market is at an overall 5-year high, oil prices are falling, and GDP growth is expected to continue at a record clip. All indicators point to a booming economy. This is a solid win for the Bush administration, one that they need to talk about more and put the message out on the success of the tax cuts of the last several years. These tax cuts need to be given the credit they are due, and be made permanent so that the economy can continue to grow.

President Clinton got a lot of credit for a booming economy in the late 1990s. Whether that was deserved or not is a matter for another discussion, but regardless of that, he got credit for it. Bush, on the other hand, is getting virtually no credit for the booming economy that we find ourselves in. In fact, most people don’t think the economy is doing that well, because the Mainstream media is saying otherwise. The U.S. Economy is in great shape, and it’s time everyone knew that fact.

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Mike March 20, 2006 at 4:09 pm

In 2001, it was refreshing to see a President who did not need to be in front of the camera every day taking credit for the sunrise. President Bush has been a PR disaster.

He has returned money to the people who earned it, allowing them to generate an economic boom after recession and attack. He has overthrown 2 tyranical regimes who sponsored and harbored terrorists. We are safer and more prosperous as a result.

Some people have no idea about these successes because the President rarely discusses them (in comparison to Reagan and Clinton at least).

I never thought I’d say this but I will consider PR capabilities as a factor when I vote in the GOP primary.


Chris March 20, 2006 at 6:54 pm

You’re right, Mike, it is important for a president to have that ability. The Office of the President is one of the most strategic Bully Pulpits and can easily be used to tell the people of plans/initiatives. Reagan and Clinton (dare I say) were wise to “Going Public” and used it masterfully. Reagan’s tax cut was a success because of it and Clinton saved his rear a countless amount of times by either defending himself, speaking of some accomplishment he allegedly did, etc, because of it.

Not only can the bully pulpit of the presidency be used for this, but it can also be used to “Change the subject.” If the president is having a bad week, he needs to come out and announce a new initiative…doing this allows the president to control events around himself. Again both Reagan and Clinton were good at this.

President Bush has done such great things for our country such as facilitating the economic boom with the tax cut and taking out 2 terrorist regimes. These plans at first seem radical to the “newsblind” American (or your average lib) and having the president come out and CLEARLY explain his idea/initiative will better educate the public and get them on his side. He should have done this from day one and had he done so, the Dems in 2004 would have lost by even more than they did, they would not be salivating going into the 2006 election and would not have a chance in you know what in 2008.

From 9-11 on, it was apparent to me that to be a liberal was passe and to speak postively about liberal ideas was irrelevant. The president’s inability to “Go Public” has allowed them to weasel back into relevance to the newsblind American and anti-Bush Democrat.

While he has a lot of catching up to do, the president MUST constantly ‘Go Public’ for the remainder of his administration despite the fact that he is not up for re-election. Doing this will not only help his legacy, but he will help his party and help his country so we will not be saying President Hillary Rodham Clinton on January 20, 2008.


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