Someone’s Trying to Fix the Leak

by Ryan on March 23, 2006

in Politics

Again ABC tried so very, very hard to actually print what was simply translated from those captured Saddam files. But they just couldn’t do it… not without trying to do the thinking for us!

They have to guide us through the excerpts, you know, just in case we actually took what it says to heart or even literally. We cannot be completely trusted with what the content actually implies– a relationship between al Qaeda and Saddam as early back as 1994-1995! Ludicrous! It simply does not fit the paradigm that al Qaeda could have infultrated a lovely place like the brisk Buffalo, New York, but absolutely had no connection a mutual American enemy in the heart of the Mideast, with whom America had already gone to war in 1991. Outrageous!

ABC seems to believe that their readership needs their thoughts and opinions… um… guided. It’s more than just setting the context of the translation, it’s trying to calm down any impression you may have of what these things actually imply.

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