PA Senate Race Tightens

by Mike on March 28, 2006

in Politics

Democrat Bob Casey still leads Senator Santorum but his lead is shrinking. Up 16 points one month ago, Casey’s lead is down to 10 in the latest Rasmussen poll, 48-38. What I find most striking in this poll again is that Santorum’s numbers aren’t climbing all that much but Casey’s are dropping. The latest squawking by the NARAL crowd may be having an effect.

That said, Santorum needs something more. Casey will open his mouth at some point which will cause his support to erode even more. At this point however, I don’t think it will be enough. I think too many well-intentioned pro-life people will be duped into thinking the pro-life cause would be served by someone who would support Harriet Reid for Majority leader. This race is still Casey’s to lose.

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Ryan March 28, 2006 at 3:39 pm

Cool beans!

Check out Rasmussen today on Bush’s numbers…
Back up to 45%! Could be a spike if Bush doesn’t stay on the ofensive and continue to define the debate.


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