George Allen on Immigration

by Mike on April 2, 2006

in Politics

The positioning for the 2008 primaries is well underway. Virginia Senator and former Virginia Governor George Allen has spoken up in favor of an “enforcement first” approach to the immigration debate. I prefer an “enforcement only” approach because anything else will effectively reward people for breaking the law. However, Allen’s position is probably the most reasonable of the major candidates for president because it refuses to address the guest worker issue until the borders are secured.

I like his approach. Perhaps implementation of a guest worker program is something to consider down the road after the borders are secure. However, a guest worker program should be limited to those who have never entered the country illegally. That way, those who would like to enter America, work hard and obey the law could benefit from what America has to offer and America could benefit from them. This solution could be workable when the borders are secured but only when the borders are secure. I think Allen is on to something.

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rightonoz April 2, 2006 at 7:48 pm

I see a severe problem in ‘enforcement only’

As mentioned in a discussion with Ryan on one of his posts. The reality of the US economy is that you are VERY dependent on the majority of the (now figured at 12M) illegals and the jobs they hold some of which are so menial that getting a US citizen to do them is next to impossible.

Unless there is a concerted effort to introduce something along the lines the Guest Worker plan you mention in advance of the ‘throw the illegals out’ part of the plan, you will have some economic repercussions.

While it is easy (and politically advantageous) to take a totally rigid tough line on those illegals already there, a more realistic approach might be to forgive the initial breach of the law for those holding down jobs and who have not committed any other crime than wanting a better life for them and their families, PROVIDED they come forward, sign on to pay all their taxes, perhaps a penalty tax over several years (no point in making them totally destitute on day one)

I would agree that anyone who has as much as spat gum on the pavement since arriving should be thrown out with a lifetime ban.

In addition, the border protection plans should be fast tracked with a very clear message, get caught trying to enter illegally and you and your EXTENDED family NEVER get in. Get caught helping and if you’re a US Citizen it’s going to cost you everything you own, if you’re a resident alien, you’re out on your arse, and have an arrangement with Mexico that any of their citizens caught trafficing in illegals spend their sentence in a Mexican jail (much tougher than any US facility and the Mexicans carry the cost).


Matt April 3, 2006 at 7:50 am

I disagree rightonoz. I think this is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The only reason Americans aren’t willing to do these “menial jobs” is because they can sit at home and collect a welfare check that pays them just as much (or more). What we need to do is combine serious border enforcement with serious welfare reform. Millions of Americans who are collecting welfare checks today are perfectly capable of doing these jobs. We could secure our borders, enforce our laws, and give millions of Americans an incentive to start contributing to society instead of sponging off of it. Imagine how much we could lower our taxes if we didn’t have illegals filling our jails and millions more on the welfare rolls.


msally6279 April 3, 2006 at 12:29 pm

Am I the only one who doesn’t buy into this whole “economic impact” excuse? The sole reason illegals are the ones who hold jobs “so menial that getting a US citizen to do them is next to impossible” is because they’re ILLEGALS. Once the illegals have been christened legal by the amnesty fairies, they will have been stripped of the very essence of their fiscal appeal. Companies will no longer have grounds to skirt labor laws. As a result, businesses won’t be able to afford to pay the legal wage to all of their unskilled employees. Pink slips will be passed out faster than it takes Ted to good for the law Kennedy to leave the scene of a crime, and thus will be born a new class of uneducated, unemployed and unappreciative “legal” residents – a fine solution bar none.

Granting reprieve to those with complete disregard for our laws will in no way curtail an economic effect. Instead, it rewards bad behavior, encourages others to do the same, and gives a big slap in the face to those who respected our laws and took the time to come to America the legal way.


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