Italian Election Around the Corner

by Mike on April 3, 2006

in Politics

The next Italian general election is a week away. Prime Minister Berlusconi’s right wing coalition is trailing but closing fast. I hope he wins.

Berlusconi has shown courage throughout his tenure by standing with the US in the war on terror, including the Iraq front. But there’s more. Berlusconi’s is once again displaying his courage by defending Europe’s Christian heritage, a heritage which has come under assault during the 20th century:

Those, who, in the European Union, refused to accept a reference to the continent’s Christian roots in the European constitution did not do a wrong to Christianity and our fathers, but rather did a wrong to our children. . . We do not want them to grow up without a history, without values and without an identity.

Something special may be happening in Italy. Some of Berlusconi’s ministers are sounding pro-life themes. Pope Benedict XVI appears to sense this as well as he is trying to nudge Italians to remember Catholic values when they cast their ballots.

Next week’s election is a big test for Italy. I don’t know if Berlusconi will be re-elected but I take comfort in the fact that the political situation in Italy is now at a point where a politician can at least attempt to stand up for what is right. I pray that Berlusconi pulls it off.

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