Pennsylvania Update

by Mike on April 6, 2006

in Politics

The gap continues to close in the Pennsylvania. According to Rasmussen, Bob Casey now leads Senator Santorum by 9 points, 50%-41%. Although the lead dropped, support for both candidates increased slightly from the last survey, where Casey led by 10.

This is not the drop I expect. That will come if Casey opens his mouth but probably won’t be enough for Santorum if Casey can convince people he will remain pro-life despite voting to place Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and She Who Must Not Be Named in the majority party. Any slippage from pro-choice voters will be minimal as they really have no place to go. A pro-life Casey will succeed by duping good hearted pro-life Democrats into thinking he will advance the pro-life cause. This race is still a likely Democrat gain. Stay tuned though.

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