A scary prospect

by Sal on April 11, 2006

in Politics

Iran has announced that it has successfully enriched uranium. This is scary stuff. There’s no more time for diplomacy, no more time for the UN. A nuclear Iran is the biggest potential threat to stability in the middle east. I only hope the President has the political will to take the necessary steps to ensure that Iran does not ever get the chance to launch a bomb.

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Mike April 11, 2006 at 2:27 pm

Our troops are not very far away.


Chris April 11, 2006 at 4:14 pm

Definitely time to dust off the B2′s and take care of this modern day Hitler once and for all!


Ryan April 12, 2006 at 1:51 pm

Rush made a point that with US troops so close and the glaring example of what happens to rogue regimes when it’s Bush’s watch, Iran is acting oddly.

Rush blames the media and paralysis at the UN for Iran’s bold action. The press is floating stories about the US possibly using nukes (that we ahve to deny), the lack of support for Bush in the latest round of polls, etc.

Since there’s no one left who takes strong principled stands against rogue states, the US needs to be strong (which we are), but by portraying us as weak and divided, Iran thinks it can get away with anything. I think Rush has a point.


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