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by Mike on April 12, 2006

in Sports

With mere weeks until the NFL draft, Matt Leinart has fired his agent. Makes sense to me. After all, with so much money at stake, he should have someone who will push him over the finish line.

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Chris April 12, 2006 at 3:09 pm

I thought it was surprising at first, but take a few factors into the whole picture:

1) There are three strong QBs in the draft (Leinhart, Cutler and Young)…at least two of the teams in the top 4 need a QB and Leinhart wants to go 1st among the QBs (it’s almost a given that Bush will go to Houston, being #1)

2) Cutler and Young have gotten much more positive press than Leinhart in the recent months (Young’s Rose Bowl performance and Cutler’s poise in keeiping Vandy above water), which may propel them higher in the draft.

3) Leinhart also probalby wants to start and for that reason, I don’t think he wants NO being that Brees will be there next year.

4) A stong agent who may be a little too much of a media hound can be detrimental as we have seen this year w/ TO.

This draft is one of which I am looking forward to playing out.


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