Al Qaeda’s Weakness

by Ryan on April 13, 2006

in Politics

Zawahiri is reported to be blabbing on about the War on Terror again: how Bush is lying (sound familiar?), how the insurgency needs help in Iraq, and how adherence to international law would undoubtedly mean that “caesar in Washington” (aka Bush) would ask them to stop their war against Israel and conform to peaceful means of getting their messages across.

The message being sent in this correspondence is clear: al Qaeda is weaker now than they used to be. If Bin Ladin’s #2 is entertaining the idea of what adherence to internaional law would do, if they need help in fighting America in Iraq, and if they are borrowing lines from liberal pundits here in the USA, then you know al Qaeda’s in trouble now and over the long run.

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Mike April 13, 2006 at 10:19 am

I wish the MSM was capable of seeing the big picture. In their tunnel visioned worldview, success or failure in the GWOT hinges upon the fate of one man. That pre 9-11 law enforcement approach to terrorism helped get us into this mess.

Of course the true blame belongs not with our ineffective liberal pols but with the mass murdering terrorists. Ineffective leaders are not culpable. They just shouldn’t be in power.

The weakening of Al Qaeda is great news and a good barometer for measuring success. That’s not to say attacks can’t happen but they are less likely.


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